Sunday, January 17, 2016

You can't wear White to a Wedding

So I had a wedding coming up and the only Sunday afternoon garden wedding appropriate dress I had was a navy and white pattern. To most that'd be fine but I'm not most. I have an abnormal sensitivity to stepping on the bride's toes at a wedding....I bet you've never heard of that before. Where did I get these thoughts?! So the white had to go!
 I went to Michael's and got Rit dye (not actually the bottles shown below. The powder packets are cheaper). I got one blue, could have sworn it was aquamarine but that one doesn't come in powder according to the website, and one teal....because I could not decide.
I made them up by the package directions in a large pot. The mixed color was SO pretty.
While the liquid boiled I dumped in my dress and left it for an hour. To my delight even the lace accents and the slip took the dye nicely. To my dismay the boiling water made the material shrink - see how it's now above my knee and the waist of the dress is much higher. I preferred the old silhouette but alas: What's done is done. Now it's a teal and navy pattern!
And I had a great time at the wedding!

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